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Naruto 446 Spoiler

May 1, 2009

Naruto 446 Spoiler
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Nagato : We decided Yahiko would be the leader,
then our organization became famous before we knew it.

Hanzou : If you don’t fight to kill eachother, this girls dies right here, right now !

Yahiko takes Nagato’s kunai and impales himself to save Konan

Yahiko : Konan, you must survive by any mean.
You’re the angel of this world.

Yahiko died, this was the second Pain
Where were supposed to have been matured, grow up …
This was exactly like when my parents died.
That’s when I realized that my answers were just bullshit.

Sidetext : Nagato’s awekening

No Naruto 446 this week.. We will update this page as soon as the Naruto spoiler 446 is release. If you would like to discuss the spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below. You can also download previous Naruto 445 spoiler


Naruto 445 Prediction by CegeRoles at NC

Nagato- Soon after the battle between Hanzo and the Sannin had ended, we followed them back to a nearby town, where we asked them for food.
Nagato, Yahiko and Konan are shown meeting the Sannin.
Nagato- Yahiko then asked them for training in Ninjutsu, and although Orochimaru and Tsunade were less than adamant about helping us, Jiraiya-sama agreed to teach us.
The three orphans are shown training with Jiraiya and then Nagato is shown with Jiraiya after he had killed the Rock-Nin.
Nagato- Jiraiya was my greatest teacher; he not only taught me Ninjutsu but he taught about the ways of the real world. Through his words I learned the nature of pain, and how it could be used to save the world.
Jiraiya is shown leaving the orphans with Nagato looking on.
Nagato- It was then, after he left us, that we knew what we had to do.
Hanzo is shown on a balcony overlooking Amegakure.
Nagato- Hanzou, the warlord of Amegakure and the source of all our misery and suffering; we realized that only through his death could we possibly end this cycle of war and chaos.
The orphans are shown with a small group of Rain-nin surrounding them.
Nagato- So we organized a resistance against Hanzo’s leadership; we gathered the scattered remains of previous factions in an effort to destroy his grip on the village. But we were too few; we didn’t have the weapons, jutsu or numbers to overthrow Hanzo and our hope of an insurrection seemed hollow.
The four orphans are shown on the outskirts of Amegakure, a figure in a Kage robe approaches them.
Nagato- Or at least it did until we received help from the most unlikely of places.
The figure is shown; it is the Mizukage, but the cloth from the head peace conceals his face and reveals only one of his eyes (Madara).
Nagato- The Mizukage at the time, for reasons I was not aware of at the time, saw opportunity in out struggle and secretly provided our faction with weapons, Shinobi and finances that would finally allow us to unleash our insurrection.
Amegakure is shown; it’s now in chaos, with Yahiko and Konan leading the resistance against Hanzo’s troops.
Nagato- On that day, we battled tooth and nail against Hanzo’s regime, crushing all resistance with our might.
Nagato is shown walking through a hallway towards a massive door.
Nagato- I ascended to the tallest tower in Amegakure and prepared to face Hanzo myself.
Nagato opens the massive door; opens up to a huge room, where Hanzo stands out on a balcony with his back turned.
Hanzo- I’ve heard rumors about you; you are the leader of the resistance, the source of all my troubles.
Nagato walks forward.
Hanzo- Some of them even call you a god, but most I’ve heard just call you Pein; is that true?
Nagato (Flashback)- Yes.
Hanzo- Have you come to kill me?
Nagato (Flashback)- I have.
Hanzo sighs.
Hanzo- Very well then.
Hanzo puts on his breathing apparatus; suddenly, a massive Salamander breaks up through the floor. Nagato jumps back, and watches as Hanzo leaps on to the Salamander and takes a battle stance.

Next Chapter- The fall of Hanzo

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