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One Piece 542 spoiler summaries

May 12, 2009

One Piece 542 spoiler summaries

Source: one piece 542

One Piece 542 spoiler pics One Piece 542 spoiler pics
One Piece 542 spoiler pics One Piece 542 spoiler pics
One Piece 542 spoiler pics One Piece 542 spoiler pics
One Piece 542 spoiler pics

Translation from from Aohige_AP at

Pic 1
Marine: It’s 5 hours till execution of Ace, and we’re in the most dangerous time since Whitebeard could appear any time now… But no matter how hard we look sir… Shichibukai “Blackbeard” is nowhere to be found!

(cannot read the next panel)

Marine: We just got a report that they just now arrived at Impel Down!
Sengoku …..?

Pic 2
Blackbeard: (cannot read) hey, we’re on the side of the government ya know…
Champion: What a gloomy place this is weeeehaha!

Pic 3
Blackbeard: Revelation!
(He spits out beaten up guards from his darkness)
guards: We have intruders!!

guards: Shichibukai “Blackbeard” and his crew!!
Have infiltrated with obvious hostility! His aim is unknown!!

guards: Hey are you ok!? Those are the guards that dissapeared earlier!

pic 4
Hannyabal: This is crazy…. where could we possibly start!?
…Hey, why don’t we just lock ourselves up in the monitor room and have some snack?
guards: Get a grip of yourself sir!! We have to protect Impel Down!
Hannyabal: It’s easy for you to say, with no responsibilities!!
Magellan: Hannyabal.. can you hear me?
Hannyabal: Is that you, Warden Magellan!? Where are you!?

pic 5
I just finished taken care of idiots that were rampaging in Level 2.
(cannot read the rest)

prisoner?: Captain Buggy! There’s a lump of poison in the hallway (blocking the way)
Buggy: Damn Magellan!!

Pic 6
Impel Down prison guard chief Shiryuu of the Rain
Shiryuu: You’re not gonna tell me to get back to the cell, are you, Magellan?
Magellan: You’re on the death row, this is an extention of your time. You will not get another.
Shiryuu: Yeah, I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.
Magellan: I’ll leave Blackbeard up to you

Pic 7
Jinbei: Seiken!
Luffy: Pistol!
Crocodile: Sables!

Verification: Pending

切り捨てごめんで全員惨殺 上へ向かう



Shichibukai Blackbeard arrives at Impel Down and sucks the gaolers one after another into darkness.
His aim is unknown.
Magellan ragains the control over the 2nd story.
Shiryuu executes slaughters everyone, even the gaolers, with his sword.
A different female gaoler block’s the way of Luffys alliance.
She tries to stop them, but gets defeated by Luffy, Crocodile and Jimbei.

The female gaoler might be Sady and the Mino beasts…

another one piece 542 spoiler

Ace’s arrival to the execution of Title 10. Hula-MARIJOA sacred ground “yet? Hey! I keep you waiting long? They must have really come?” Marine “had executed 10 times … it should come soon!大人SHIKU to wait!” Hula-”from the mighty sometimes … I speak … … FUFFUFFUFUFU side゛゛attitude say about it? “Blackbeard” However, the OSE Oh!始MARANEEJI INAKYA or the parties to it and even the way゛゛Festival! I’m so bored! … ZEHAHAHA. Oh cherry pie filling, but has not it! “Moria is sleeping, bear is reading. Michael Hawke is just sitting, sit still. The arrival of the Admiralty … Hancock. Hancock that they have no time to wait at the headquarters is going to MARIJOA. Headquarters INPERUDAUN I do not know the state of the scene changes INPERU. Level 4 Luffy “one gangway gangway!” Go back and pay us …獄卒Luffy Legion Magellan was finally contacted. Guards “… a situation that you! We really must! This is a level 4 will be topped! Plus 2 level can not cope and start a riot!” Magellan “…… It’s a group?! a mistake … “guards” Chief instructions, please! “Magellan” I head for the next two levels … … HANNYABARU at level 3, and伝ERO Sadi迎E撃TE to her! “guards” I understand! Now tell! “Magellan” … I’m level 6 and to contact the … … – … “guards” … That’s it! “Magellan” is the unprecedented violence of this … I can not put any more blunder They are not inevitable. … “Following the last scene we Luffy —— return Level 3辿RI arrived KUROKO the ability to invoke door. … The moment you enter level 3, the first stone prison corridor with the giant sea (reticular) flying through the air. Luffy, KUROKO’s IWA, JINBEE, INAZUMA … etc (the main character’s) other than being caught with more than half. All-Star in front of the guards … and start a brawl. Luffy is a battle we are just wasting away and moving to before. … “GYAA” recalled Luffy. The blood fell on her at Bonn. Luffy “her mediocrity!” A person with a knife with blood on the back of BONKURE. Luffy even notice. Say a man of mystery “and trouble with this idiot, INAKYA a big prison and that I kind of …” Luffy, “you did it? Who you?” IWA find her. IWA “is? VANATA Why VU … here!” He laughs inadequate. When the escort ship of ace. Those around the team is placed in the middle around the diamond-shaped vessels. Marines “will soon arrive at the gates of justice! It arrived earlier than expected and Marine Ford is going!” Marshal? “This has been smoothly! A draw but I never end!” Marine “crawling!” Admiralty, insect feeding. SENGOKU “my” Marines “escort ship fire fist ace゛゛!! Well come up here! Soon passed through the gates of justice!” SENGOKU “Well … hat off. And never slow down your guard! “warships passing through the gates of justice. Then that moment, “de Caen” caused the explosion in front of you. ONIGUMO “what?” Marine “, but verify!” Around the Marine Corps in a binocular. Ship of the boat … Then what is the flag with a beard DOKUROMAKU? ? ? “She’s out! Aim well!” JOZU “I too in the distance! Father!” Mark “You’re a good presenter sourdine puking! JOZU!” Marine “boat 9 Check゛゛white beard in the direction of that! ” White beard “Greetings … I will price out the hand of my son’s going to be expensive … both BOUZU!” Close-up of the expression of anger.

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    My husband and son are anime fans.. Both love One Piece (and Naruto) Thank you for posting this..


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