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Naruto 448 Spoiler Script, Pics & Summaries

May 19, 2009

i found naruto 448 spoiler script at here









here.. translation ( i used google translate :P)

That’s dismissed and asked to answer the Naruto
Nagato and Yahiko was once a dream of his own saying come Seiya
Between the large sway my decision

GAI RINEJI SAKURA arrived there
Apologize and pushed the momentum of the screw in the Naruto KATSUYU
Screws to hear the answer to Naruto
KAKASHI SHIZUNE and the teacher says is like a leaf in the wind
Furious with you telling me I had to take such HINATA

But I’d say that JITAI hsien my master hentai
Seiya and the date of training and self Nagato came to remember the words of

Put the screws to him and said that because of its own and came

Color because I was used to seal the nine tails and I am a
I think it was hateful
I still love it if I heard all of the ri! !
But even that any and every guy, the big guy
I think it’s important because with

Well if it is acceptable to you, I’ll change this world is my
Identify and Yahiko Naruto straight in the past

Stare at the dark shadows Nagato
That shark demon


Everybody please translate this….


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  1. 4º hokage permalink
    May 19, 2009 5:20 pm

    esta exelente, solo faltan las imagenes espero que nagato se haga bueno =)

  2. Philip The Great permalink
    May 20, 2009 8:52 am

    I found a translation on it:D
    (the google translation was hilarious)

    Konan, after listening to Naruto’s answer, rejects him by saying “isn’t that beautiful.”

    “Nagato took what Jiraiya said and Yahiko’s life and dream and came up with his own decision in between the two, except on a much grander scale.”

    At that time Gai, Lee, Neji and Sakura arrive. Katsuyu apologizes, but says Neji forcefully pushed to come.
    Neji, who heard Naruto’s answer, says “if you were to just let that happen to Konoha, Kakashi-sensei and Shizune-san – even Hinata-sama – would unspeakably furious about it.”

    “But I am Ero-Sennin’s… it’s because I really want to believe in my teacher’s words. Those words were what Nagato and Jiraiya recalled everyday while they were training.”

    Neji starts to say, “Jiraiya-sama and that guy…!?”

    “Long ago, I had the Kyuubi sealed inside of me that caused a lot of things to happen. I had hateful thoughts, but even so I came to love everyone in the village. Because of that, no matter who it was and no matter what happened, the valuable people became important in my thoughts and feelings together.” [translators note: the Japanese is a bit weird or maybe I’m parsing it wrong]

    “If this comes to pass and he doesn’t die, I’ll change this world by becoming Hokage!”

    With this frank talk, Naruto and Yahiko’s images are overlaid.

    From dark shadows a pair of eyes glares at Nagato. It is Kisame!


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