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Naruto 449 Spoiler

May 25, 2009

Naruto 449 Spoiler at

naruto 449 spoiler script

via : mangaspoiler


Translation ( i used google )

Reincarnation invoke the Nagato.
Payne was done to them is like giving the power of life that I’m left with chakra chakra some Nagato.
He was hurt from the outside but no resurrection!
Himself in a fall in the risk of heart surgery that Nagato
It’s like I’m wrong when I have a choice …
Or any last? Seiya teachers come to their own … I’ll apologize now.
Woke up around to stop the Nagato Nagato and Naruto to go away in the heart of the leaves
Nagato … But, I have lived …
What if I’m even Naruto’s atonement? That’s my peace I do not if it’s
Nagato’s what you mean forgive me? ,
I do, I’m not here? ,
The good and I’m here! ,
I want to be here for! ! I’m here! ! ,

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