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Naruto 453 Spoiler

June 24, 2009

Naruto 453 Spoiler Picture

naruto 453naruto 453

naruto 453naruto 453

naruto 453naruto 453

naruto 453

Naruto 453 Spoiler

Cover is Naruto.

While Sasuke is racing to Konoha, Tobi warps in front of him.

stuff happens

Sasuke : Taka leaves the Akatsuki.
Tobi : As I said before, betrayers dies !
Taka : ?!
Tobi : It’s really too bad, I had high hopes for you.

Then talks about Killer Bee.

Tobi : You almost got killed by the Eight Tails.

Then when Tobi heard they’re going to Konoha …
He tells them that Konoha no longer exists
And that Tobi’s subordinate, Pain, destroyed the village.

Tobi : And that’s not all. Thanks to you and Pain, they’re going to be a Kage Summit.

Then Zetsu comes.

Tobi : What ? A new Hokage ?
Zetsu : They choosed Danzou.
Tobi : I knew it !
Sasuke : Danzou …
Tobi : One of thoses elders who blackmailed your brother.

Then we see Naruto …

Karui/Omoi = We’ll avenge our master, spit out intelligence about Sasuke !

Naruto feels sympathy about them because they lost their master.

Naruto : Your master is a Jinchuuriki ? I’m a Jinchuuriki myself and
I’d like to help you save him.

Let’s search for him together. We’ll deal with Sasuke later, okay ?
Tell everything you know about Akatsuki.
Then they continue talking

End of chapter

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