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Naruto 456 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

July 14, 2009

Naruto 456 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

Naruto ナルト 456 Spoiler is now available…!!!

Credits : Nja @2ch
Verification : Confirmed


カカシはサイが 信じてもらえないんですよね…って(また根の者として裏切るんじゃないか的な)

カカシ お前はもうカカシ班だ!信じるよ!



サムイ達に戻り 大和の分身が雷影のもとに向かった3人を追尾




English Translation
credits : weapon_X@mh

(Nja apologizes for last week, saying that he had a hangover or something)

Simple spoiler from Nja:

Danzou swiftly ends the battle.(He forms seals and something that looks like Temari’s weasel summon comes out of his mouth. The enemy gets chopped up)
Danzou uses the Sharingan to swiftly attack and calculate the number of enemies.

Scene change to Naruto

Kakashi puts the Root ninja tailing Sai to sleep with a Genjutsu.
(Naruto’s and Konohamaru’s Oiroke no Jutsu is used to distract two of them, thereupon they are taken out with a simple Jutsu.)
Sai: You won’t be able to have faith in me, won’t you?(It’s almost like he’s betraying the Root a second time)
Kakashi: You’re already part of Team Kakashi! [I/We] believe in you!

[sai] immediately smiles

The Mizukage & co. are staying at an inn.
[Details about Choujuurou’s sword. See below]
The Tsuchikage & co. are camping
The Tsuchikage informs his company of the site of the summit.
There won’t be shinobi guarding the site, but warriors(samurai?) will.
The Kazekage heads straight for the summit site.

Back to Samui & co. A clone of Yamato is tailing them back to the Raikage.
Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato; the three of them are in pursuit.

Chapter ends there.[I think]

[Nja explains how the fight with the root ninja went again]

*The kanji used for “warrior” here is the same as “samurai”. Interpret it how you wish.

Danzou’s fight is hopefully more clear and accurate now.

Edit 2:
Tsuchikage is better fixed.

Edit 3:

Small note is the single line with the Tsuchikage saying there won’t be shinobi on duty should be:

He says that it will be samurai, and not shinobi, who’ll be the ones securing the location

And I believe it’s literally named Taisouken* Hiramekarei** for Choujuurou’s katana

*Great Twin Blades
*left eye flounder and right-eye flounder (a type of fish)

via : Naruto spoiler 456 @ Ms

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