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Naruto 458 Spoiler

July 26, 2009

Get Latest Naruto 458 Spoiler on Mangabox. Naruto 458 Spoiler is not available. We will update this page as soon as the Naruto ナルト 458 Spoiler is available. You can also read previous Naruto 457 spoiler .

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Naruto 458 Spoiler Script
credits : nja @2ch
sources : MS

出かけるんで簡単に ノ
背表紙 大和でした><

尾獣をコントロールできたのは まだら・初代火影・四代目水影・キラービー

どうでしょうか~? といい雷影が なんだと!?


トビ=四代目水影って事でおk?(鬼鮫が 元水影様でしたか っていってたから

Naruto 458 Spoiler English Translation

A simple spoiler to start with
The spine has Yamato ><

The ones who made up the mercenary force called Akatsuki were advisors of many countries
The Tsuchikage used the Akatsuki to make money
The Godaime Mizukage interferes, saying her country has no knowledge of this since they're isolated
(This is the Yondaime Mizukage's fault… That is, the Godaime reveals that it is possible the Yondaime has been manipulating someone)
Suna planned the Konoha Crash using the Akatsuki (Well, Gaara's father did)
The Hokage is sceptic, questioning whether they should interfere with these advisors (Danzou is silent¹)
The Raikage vents his anger towards the other Kage
Those able to control the Bijuu: Madara, the Shodai Hokage, the Yondaime Mizukage, Killer Bee

Then the neutral power states their opinion
How about making an alliance of the Five Countries?
Then the Hokage, whose country still has its Bijuu, will take supreme command (since there's no hope for the rest). What do you think?
upon hearing that, the Raikage ask "What the hell!?"

And it ends with this 

the Yondaime Mizukage's face is revealed (a gentle man), but (with the Bijuu controlling story) the Tobi = the Yondaime Mizukage things seems to still be okay (since Kisame called him the former Mizukage-sama)

¹ This could also mean that he refuses to explain himself

if you have the naruto 458 raw or naruto 458 spoiler that is real, please share it with us. thank you!

Naruto chapter 458 confirmed spoiler will appear on tuesday night or wednesday morning. If you still didn’t read the last chapter read Naruto 458 soon.

Naruto 458 spoiler soon

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