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Bleach 368 Spoiler

July 28, 2009

Bleach 368 Spoiler Script
sources :ブリーチ-368/
credits : Nja

ヒジキ 隊長を連れ戻す!? 

盲目 お前は本当の恐怖を知らないからそんな事をいえるんだ

WWとマシろ 白キーックが顔面にあたり吹っ飛んだ所で
素人とひよりは どっちがちびかとの言い争いで(つっこみ2人)リサがハリベルとタイマンへ

髑髏の方へ  結界師があなたの弱点はわかってますと余裕で結界で包囲するが
髑髏 ?鬼門?も老いがあるとは知らなかったのか?と結界を破って



Bleach 368 Spoiler Script English Translation

Tousen: You are not able to speak of your true fears because you do not know of them
Let me teach you your true fears

Mashiro kicks Wonderweiss in the face
Harribel faces Toushirou and gang
While Toushirou and Hiyori argue over who is the chibi, Lisa faces off with Harribel

Hacchi easily identifies Barragan’s weak spots and easily surrounds him in a barrier      

Barragan: Demon gate? There is no one who is as old as me who does not know of this. He then breaks the barrier.

Hacchi’s expression turns pale and the chapter ends

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