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One Piece 552 Spoiler

July 29, 2009

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One Piece 552 Spoiler Picture (Via :
credits : Himajin
Verification: Confirmed

One Piece 552 spoiler One Piece 552 spoiler
One Piece 552 spoiler One Piece 552 spoiler
One Piece 552 spoiler One Piece 552 spoiler
One Piece 552 spoiler One Piece 552 spoiler
One Piece 552 spoiler One Piece 552 spoiler

One Piece 552 Spoiler Summaries

credits: nja @ 2ch

タイトル  エースと白ヒゲ





白ヒゲ はあ?そんなこといったっけ?俺は行けといったが…?
エース 嘘はつくな!!!!
息子どもに意見をいうオヤジ 息子(隊長達) 親父が行けっていったからお前が行ったんだ


センゴク 白ヒゲはグラグラの実の能力者地震人間だ
     こちらが数で有利だと思うな 奴は世界を滅ぼせる力をもつ男だ!!!!

で完です  2つの巨大な津波がきてるんだが片方はアオキジが止めるとしても


English Translation

Cover page shows Chopper escaping from the fate of being eaten.
Title: Ace and Whitebeard

Luffy already knew Ace and himself are not related
He told the guys on his ship that Ace was Roger’s son (Similar to the time when Grap told the SHs about Luffy’s father)

Scene switches to Ace

Ace’s flashback
during his journey ~ he met Shanks and thanked him for saving Luffy ~ discusses something about joining the Shichibukai
he provoked Whitebeard ~ fought with Jinbei for 5 days ~ fought with Whitebeard later ~
he remembered the days he spent on WB’s ship plotting to take WB’s life ~ the day he acknowledged WB as his father ~ till the day Blackbeard escaped

Whitebeard said he didn’t want to pursue the Blackbeard incident
I ignored his orders and went after BB anyway… even though he might abandon me because of this
Ace said

Whitebeard: What? Since when did I say something like that? didn’t I order you to go?
Ace: Don’t Lie !!!!
WB started discussing his opinions with his division commanders
Sons(division commanders): You went because Father told you to do so… It’s not your fault~

WB created a gigantic tsunami that is capable of slicing the air apart.

Sengoku: WB posseses the power of the shake shake fruit, he’s an Earthquake man
Don’t start thinking we have an advantage just because we are superior in numbers, He is a man who have the power to destroy the world !!!!


The tsunami is coming from two sides, even if Aokiji manages to stop it from one side
the other side will have to be stopped by Akainu somehow. If they can’t stop the tsunami…
I think 50 thousand marines will be wiped out in an instant…

Whitebeard is too strong ><

One Piece 552 spoiler is now available. We will update this page as soon as the One Piece 552 spoiler is available. thx

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