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Naruto 464 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

September 14, 2009

Naruto 464 Spoiler is now available . We will update this page as soon as the Naruto 464 Spoiler picture is available.

Credits : nja@2ch
verification : confirmed

その時 砂が雷影の攻撃を防ぎ吹き飛ばす
雷影 風影貴様場合によっては容赦はせんぞ!!
ガアラ あんたにこれ以上怪我をされても困るからな
雷影自分の腕を切り落とし シーに治療させる


テマリ もうよせ~そいつは時期に国際手配になるそうしたらもう戻れる場所なんてないんだ~私情をはさむな!お前は風影だろう!!

ガアラの左眼から涙が流れる  分かっている!! とヒョウタンからすべての砂を出す

居場所がばれたのでダンゾウは混乱になったら外に出るぞ とヒソヒソ 青が大人しくしていろと一括

場面は戻り デイダラ妹 すごい!!
すべての天照を砂でガードするガアラ サスケ「さすが絶対防御だな俺の炎遁をここまで防ぐとはな」
ダルイが 加勢します私が最初に術を放つので一斉に皆さんも 風3人 おk!!

攻撃があたる瞬間にサスケのスサノオがついに現れる (真っ黒なスサノオ)
カリン 以前のサスケじゃもうない 冷たすぎる><
サスケ ガアラこれが俺の絶対防御だ!!
    両眼の万華鏡を開眼したときに得られる 第三のチート能力 スサノオだ!!


サスケのスサノオは まだイタチの様に完全じゃないっぽい

ただの骨人形  頭蓋骨もあり骨が黒色です



ちなみに 最初に天照を食らった侍は カンクロウに宙に浮かされ



English Translation

Nja- As I thought, it’s starts from the Guillotine Drop

Sasuke moves the Amaterasu in front of him to oppose the attack

That’s when sand rushes in to defend, and blow off the Raikage’s attack

Raikage: “Kazekage, you’d better have a good reason for me to forgive this!”

Gaara: “Well, you’d be in some deep shit if you got yourself hurt anymore than you are now”
Raikage cuts off his own arm; C cures him

Sasuke and Gaara have a conversation

“Now you have the same eyes as I once did in the past”~It’s still not too late, come back with us”~

“Even if I returned back, what would I have~?” “I’ve grown aware of it, but you should be able to see that small light as well”

“My eyes have already been closed to the light; what’s left is only darkness”

Temari: “Stop it already~That guy is to be internationally wanted, and once that happens, there won’t be any place for him left to go to~ Don’t let your personal feelings interfere! You are the Kazekage!”

Tears fall from Gaara’s left eye “I understand!” He releases all his sand from his gourd

Taking advantage of the chaos, Karin locates the Hokage’s location

Scene change to meeting room

Since the meeting room was exposed, Danzou whispers: “Let’s get out of here if it turns into mayhem”; To sum up what Ao says is something like: “You’ll be quiet”

Scene returns to Deidara’s sister [trans note: nja’s comment]: “Awesome!”

Gaara guards against all of the Amaterasu with his sand. Sasuke: “Your absolute defense lives up to itself. Who would’ve thought you could defend against my Katon* [trans note: nja used the wrong “fire” kanji here*] to this extent…”

Darui: “We’ll assist. Since I’ve been firing off jutsu since the beginning, now all of us and the three Sand shinobi can as well!”

The moment their attacks hit, Sasuke’s Susano’o finally appears (a pitch black Susano’o)

Karin: “Sasuke from before is now completely gone. So cold” >.<

Sasuke: “Gaara, this is my absolute defense! When I activated the Mangekyou in both of my eyes, I was able to attain the third cheat ability, Susano’o!”

The end

Sasuke’s Susano’o still isn’t complete as Itachi’s was

Another bone figure. There’s a skull and the bones are black in color

Around it is a pale grey type of aura that adorns [Susano'o]

(To be honest, the color of the aura is pretty hard to explain but it’s dark in color)

By the way, around the beginning Kankurou floats the Samurai who ate the Amaterasu

and has Temari strip him using Kamaitachi

He gets messed up but he lives lol

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