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Bleach 379 Spoiler

October 20, 2009

BLEACH 379 Spoiler Summaries

Credits: Nja @ 2ch
Verification : confirmed

先頭カラーでえっと皆がハロウィンの仮装してる絵でした イチゴはフランケン?w

全然進んでません 前回角生えたっていってたけど生えてなかったねごめん><

ヤミー おいおい俺を誰だと思ってるんだ?NO0ヤミー様だ



いたのは ルキア(忘れ)・松本(魔女)・イチゴ(フランケン)・素人(狼?)



仮面のごしの苺の目を見たとき なんであいつはあんな目をしてるんだ…

ヤミーが他の仲間を馬鹿にした事で あいつらを馬鹿にされんのはなんかむかつくな
で仮面をつけようとするが仮面が出てこなく なぜ…なぜなんだ…やっぱあの時のホロウ化のせいか><


後 兄はハドウ?wなんちゃら33の詠唱で爆破

English Translation By sheetz @ FLOL

The color cover is of everyone in Holloween costumes. Ichigo is Frankenstein?
The story doesn’t progress at all. I said last time that he grew horns but he didn’t. Sorry.
The patterns on the mask changed.
Ichigo is surprised that Yammi’s head/neck is only slightly cut.
Yammi: Hey, who do you think I am? I’m number zero Yammi-sama!
Those guys you defeated, Ulq, Noitra, and GJ are all small fries.
Ichigo tries to put on his mask again but for some reason he can’t, so he’s caught by Yammi.

Just as Yammi’s going to use full power on him

Zaraki Kenpachi and Byakuya show up to help. The end.

The cover is 1 page.

Rukia notices that the mask’s patterns are changing.

After the mask changes Rukia looks at Ichigo’s eyes and wonders why they are like that.

Yammi makes fun of the comrades after being sick of how they always made fun of him.

When Ichigo can’t put on his mask again, he asks himself “Why…Why is it…Is it because of that hollowfication time (limit?)”

And then he’s caught.

And then Byakuya does hadou 33 and Kenpachi is already bringing his sword down to whereever Yammi is.

On the color page are Rukia (I forget what she is), Matsumoto (witch), Ichigo (Frankenstein), Hitsugaya (werewolf?)      
I think the others are mostly shinigami…Ishida and Orihime are also there, I think.
I don’t think anyone besides Kenpachi and Byakuya showed up.

Bleach 379 Spoiler Via Mangaspoiler

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