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BLEACH 392 Spoiler

February 9, 2010

BLEACH 392 Spoiler Summaries
Source : 2ch
Credit : Nja @2ch
Verification : Confirmed
Via : Bleach 392 @ MS


イチゴが みんな何やってんだー!!
雛森 シロちゃん…なん…で?

って所で完です 残りはイチゴと治してる隊長さんくらい

I’ll do Bleach later so could somebody fill in the rest. (I’m tired…)
Ichigo: “What’s everybody doing!!”
The person Hitsugaya stabbed was Hinamori, and the person lying below is Aizen.
They were all put under complete hypnosis without knowing it.
Hinamori: “Shiro-chan…Why?”
Hitsugaya shakes with rage, and he and the others use their special attacks,
but they are all quickly cut down.

That’s the end. The remainder is basically Ichigo and Unohana.

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