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ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler

March 3, 2010

ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler Pictures

Source: 2ch
Verification: Confirmed
Via : One Piece 576 Page @

ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler

Source: 2ch
Verification: Confirmed

ONE PIECE 576 Spoiler Summaries

Credits : Ohana
Verification : Confirmed
Translation : Steven D. Teach @AP

576 大海賊エドワードニューゲート
黒ひげ海賊の紹介みたいな感じで始まる。黒ひげ称号はいらない。インペルに入るために七部会に なりたかった とセンゴクに
黒ひげ、白ひげを煽る サッチも死んだ エースも死んだ
白ひげ無言の怒り、黒ひげ『闇水』で対抗するも、効かない 黒ひげ地面に食い込む
白ひげ、『ひとつなぎの大秘宝は実在する!』  立ったまま死ぬ白ひげ。

576: The Great Pirate Edward Newgate
It begins with an introduction of the BB pirates. Blackbeard tells Sengoku he doesn’t need a rank or title, he just became a Shichibukai to get into Impel Down. Blackbeard taunts/stirs up Whitebeard. “Thatch died, Ace died too”
Whitebeard rages without words, BB counters with Kurouzu but it doesn’t work. BB is smashed into the ground. The BB pirates shoot firearms at Whitebeard. Whitebeard flashback. A conversation with Roger. Whitebeard says “One piece exists!” and dies standing up.

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