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BLEACH 399 Spoiler

April 7, 2010

BLEACH 399 Spoiler

Credits : Nja @2ch
Verification : Confirmed
Translation : Sheetz @ Flol
Via : BLEACH 399 spoiler page

市丸さん やっぱ気味が悪い子やな~ っで完でしたね

イチゴ あんたの剣には何かがない~他のみんなと刀を併せた時にはわかるんだけど~
あんたはどこに向かって剣をむけているんだ~? ここらへん覚えてない><

ギン なんや~気味悪い子やな~

13kmや!本気でいくで 神殺槍  名前は忘れたw


I dont remember about in the past,
but has Ichimaru opened his eyes before in the manga?
This time they’re shown opened twice…
it’s kind of weird seeing his eyes opened when they’re always closed. lol
Color pic is Hirako, and there’s a bunch of text, too.
I don’t know if it’s for the anime or the movie but there’s an interview with the band that sings the OP and ED.
Gin’s attack cuts buildings into pieces but Ichigo stops it without saying anything and without using any sort of technique.
Then he fires black getsuga at Ichimaru.
At the end, Ichimaru says, “I knew you were a creepy boy.”

The story doesnt progress much.
Hirako is the cover picture.
Isshin and Aizen have a small skirmish
Then action switches to Gin and Ichigo.
Ichigo: “There’s something missing from your sword. When I crossed swords with everyone else I understood, but…
The direction you face is where your sword goes? (Nja forgets the rest.)

Gin: “Well you’re an unpleasant boy.”
He explains his abilities.
His shikai(?) extends his sword to the length of 100 swords. (It was called something like “100 sword difference” )
What do you think my bankai will be?

13km long! He uses some attack called “God Killing Lance,” but Nja doesn’t remember the name exactly.

He swings it down at Ichigo, but it’s blocked and he takes a getsuga in the face.
As blood flows down from Gin’s forehead the chapter ends.

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