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Bleach 407 Prediction

June 9, 2010

Bleach 407 Spoiler Prediction
Via : Bleach 407 Spoiler Page @MS

Tessai appears to help Hachi and Unohana heal the wounded.
He talks to Kisuke, and nods to isshin.
Ichigo opens the Senkaimon, and Ichigo and Isshin go through.
Flashes to Yammy vs Byakuya and Kenpachi fight.
Yammy is defeated, Byakuya says he and Kenpachi will return to Soul Society Byakuya and Kenpachi both pass through the senkaimon..
Kurostuchi says he will begin experimenting with yammy.
Flashes to Rangiku in Fake Karakura town. She also opens the Senkaimon and talks about how she’ll stop Aizen and Gin.
Hiyori is still being healed, but she looks better.
Flashes to Gin and Aizen.
Aizen asks where would they place Karakura town. Aizen is then able to detect the enriched soil and heads in towards Karakura town, which is covered in a barrier.
Aizen is just about to shatter when several people jump down at him. They all have the Gotei 13 capes, but there is no symbol on them.
Aizen asks them why they took so long.
The several people unsheathe their zanpakutos and they call aizen and gin traitors, and a threat to both worlds. They all exclaim they are squad 0, and they will destroy aizen and the hougyoku.

5 of the seven are men, the rest are women.


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