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ONE PIECE ワンピース 601 Spoiler

October 20, 2010

ONE PIECE 601 Spoiler: Get the latest ONE PIECE 「ワンピース」 601 spoiler pics and summaries at You can also read previous ONE PIECE 601 manga spoiler. Please leave a comment below if you would like to discuss the spoilers or have any predictions.

ONE PIECE 601 Spoilers Summaries

Credits: Mr T
verification: COnfirmed
Translation: Aohige_AP

ONE PIECE 601話 ROMANCE DAWN ~for the new world~




516 :T ◆PecpvbY4/. [] :2010/10/20(水) 14:11:49 発信元:

PX5 を覇気を纏った







T’s short blurb

ONE PIECE Chapter 601: Romance Dawn ~ for the New World
Dawn of the Adventure into the New World

Cover is Nami and a egret (the swindler bird in Alabasta) playing poker

Fake Luffy got taken out by Sentoumaru.
This week was a pretty exciting chapter

The Fake Luffy’s real identy is bounty 26 million “Three tongued” Demaro Black

Luffy destroys the PX5 in one hit with a haki-imbued JET Pistol!
Zoro and Sanji arrives, and also deals with the other Pacifista instantly

I wan’t gonna write spoiler, but I was just too happy to see it…

This week ends where Luffy tells Rayleigh he’s going to be the Pirate King, and there’s tears in Rayleigh’s eyes.

There were other stuff about the fake Strawhats, but whatever lol

Aohige note: Three-tongue is someone who keeps lying to three different factions to keep them happy.
Comes from the way British handled foreign affairs in WWI. In short, it means someone dishonest.

Doesn’t mention where Cariboo/Coriboo bros went, but Doughty got taken out by PX and others fled
Some were pissed that they were decieved
I guess Sentoumaru wasn’t a marine in the war 2 years ago. He became a marine in the last 2 years.

Luffy was in a hurry so he didn’t fight with Sentoumaru.

Brook was picked up by the Flying Fish riders, and got out scott free in the midst of the chaos
The wanted posters are recorded in PX’s memory. They can identify the suspects right away.

One Piece 601 End. Next Week One piece 602

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