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BLEACH 428 Spoiler

November 24, 2010

Read the lates BLEACH 428 Spoiler pictures & summaries at And if you would like to discuss the BLEACH 428 spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

BLEACH 428 Spoiler Pictures

bleach 428 bleach 428 bleach 428 bleach 428 bleach 428 bleach 428 bleach 428 bleach 428

BLEACH 428 Spoiler Summaries

The new guy’s name is
銀城空吾 ぎんじょうくうご。
Kinjou Kuugo.

Kinjou’s group has 3 people.

一人は女で名前リルカ 見た目はメイドの格好してる
One of them is a woman named Riruka. She’s got a ‘maid’ look to her.
もう一人男 ヒツジの格好してて右目眼帯 名前は沓澤
Another one is a man, he’s got a ‘butler’ look, and a patch on his right eye. His name is ‘沓澤’

銀城 お前は家族のことを何も知らない~~~~
Kinjou: You don’t know anything about your family
苺 ????
Ichigo: ????
銀城 裏腹商店にいってみな~~~~
Kinjou: Why don’t we go look at Urahara Shouten

Urahara and Karin are talking

裏腹 お兄さんは変わらずですか?
Urahara: So nothing’s changed with your brother?
カリン 今のままでいいんだ~~~いちにいはずっと一人で戦ってきた~~~
Karin: He’s fine as he is now.~~~ Ichi-nii’s always fought alone~~~

苺 影から
Ichigo, from the shadows
Ichigo: Why did Karin come out of Urahara Shouten…

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