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Onepiece 659 Spoilers

March 31, 2011

Onepiece 659 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 659 Trivia: Interestingly, the oldest Shichibukai, Moriah, is also the tallest, whilst the youngest, Hancock, is the shortest. With the exception of Marshall D. Teach, all known Shichibukai (current and former) have an animal themed name.

Onepiece 659 Spoilers Pictures

Verification: Confirmed
Credits: Mangastream

Onepiece 659 Spoilers Summaries

Verification: Confirmed
Sources: 2ch
Credits: T
Translation: Steven D teach









Smoker and co arrive at the island
They arrive at the building Brook saw

He orders one of his dudes to find a guy named M that they can’t find? (I messed this part up methinks)

Luffy and co ride on a boat Ussop made.
Kentarous follows

Kentarous says that there goes the intruders
in front of him is a guy called the boss and his underlings

Brook battles with the upper body of the samurai
He runs away saying it’s scary

Arriving at the castle is Smoker
Law comes out of the door
In order to become a Shichibukai he sent 100 pirate hearts to the government




The boss, M, Law, and Smoker. Lots of enemies, huh!

M goes inside a flask.
He’s probably the user of the Gas gas fruit.
His appearance is, as we thought, some sort of liquid or vapor.
Law calls Smoker, “White Hunter-ya.” (adding the ya like he did with Luffy)

page 2-3. smoker’s crew blows a hole open in the glacial side of the island, and they discover a river that leads inside.

page 4. they enter only to find more glaciers somehow moving on their own and acting as walls.
page 5. a lake with violent winds blowing around it separates luffy’s group from the burning side.

page 6. usopp uses one of his seeds to create a hollowed-out banana that can serve as a boat.

page 7. they begin to cross the lake, until the centaur that luffy just defeated calls out to them and jumps.

page 8. the centaur blows a horn and signals for the rest of his allies to take out the intruders.

page 9. a group of centalirs appear on the other side. one of them spots zoro and suspects he’s a samurai because of his katana.

page 10. nami and chopper escape the facility with the children.

page 11. meanwhile, sanji and franky battle the suited men.

page 12. sanji kicks off the men’s helmets to keep them from using their poison gas.

page 13 – 14. on the shore of the frozen part, brook is fighting with the samurai’s torso.

page 15. wondering what reason the mysteriolis torso has to fight him, brook decides to run.

page 16. the “master” of the suited men finds out that smoker’s crew is entering the island. and remarks that smoker is a troublesome man.

page 17. smoker’s crew reaches the foot of the palace and demands that whoever’s living inside comes out.

page 18. trafalgar law, now a shichibukai, appears. his new bounty is 440,000,000

page 19. smoker’s crew decides they want tu go home, saying that law delivered 100 pirate hearts to the wg\hq in order to become a shichibukai.

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