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NARUTO 「ナルトネタバレ」 552 Spoiler

August 22, 2011

Get the lates NARUTO 「ナルトネタバレ」 552 Spoiler pics and summaries at And if you would like to discuss the Naruto 552 spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

Naruto 552 spoilers pictures

nagato says “bye guys, l8rs!”

itachi tells naruto “hokage is not someone who supports everyone. hokage is supported by everyone. dont forget your friends.”
then itachi says “killer bee, please take care of naruto” then uses art of run no jutsu

one thing, naruto claims he can deal all of the edo tenseis himself
then he tries kage bunshin and cant do it in chakra mode
so bee tells him not to make any more chakra mode kage bunshins

tsuchikage says “ARRGH NOT AT A TIME LIKE THIS” bascially talking about his back giving way at the wrong time lol

Bee: youre not a Shinobi that is merely strong…
You are…
Itachi: Killerbee…
Look after Naruto
Naruto: We too, Lets go,…
Bee Otchan.

The 2nd mizu: Like I said…
Its no use attacking me of now, oy!!
I am a mirage now!
Shinobi allies: then what shalld we do!?
The 2nd Mizu: Put down the clam first!!

“Fuuton: Kakeami(netting?)!”
Temari: Good!!
The sealing group, hurry up!!

Gaara:behind you!! Tuchikage
Tuchikage: !!! (in such a moment!!)
Mu “JINTON: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!!”

End caption: finally (he) arrives?

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