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NARUTO 「第554話 ナルトネタバレ」 Spoiler

September 6, 2011

Get latest NARUTO 「第554話 ナルトネタバレ」 Spoiler. we will update this post as soon as the spoiler is out. if you would like to discuss the Naruto 554 Spoiler or predictions, please leave a comment below.

Naruto 554 Spoiler Summaries
Read Online NARUTO Chapter 「第554話 ナルトネタバレ」

Naruto 554 Spoiler Summaries
Credits : T
Trans: Agoni
Source: Naruto 554


i’ll just summarize everything up.

naruto tries three rasen shuriken.the first two missed but the third hit raikage.

but the damage wasnt that great,so he cant be sealed.

raikage focused all his chakra to his hand and attacks.
doton user tries to use doton heki to defend but is easily destroyed by the raikage.
raikage was once said to be able to withstand any kind of jutsus.

naruto saw a scar on raikage’s right arm that was caused by eight tails.

naruto uses bijuu dama.

end of Naruto Chapter 554.

Naruto 554 is not available yet. We will update this post as soon as the spoiler is out.

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