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ONEPIECE [ワンピース ネタバレ] 640 Spoiler

September 19, 2011

One piece 640 Spoilers : the latest chapter end with Luffy confronts Hody in deep sea. so what happens next…? Find out the One piece 640 Story at here. If you have a prediction or discuss the One piece 640 Spoilersr or chapter, please leave a comments bellow.

One Piece 640 Spoiler Summaries

Credits: T
Translation: Aohige_AP

ONEPIECE 第640話 魚人島直上
扉絵 ビビ18歳 カルーとマツゲ付き
熱さにびっくりしたイカロスが怒ってナミを襲撃、ゼオが逃げられない様に透明になり脚をつかんでスルメイカ の槍で付こうとするが間に割り込むブルック
『え?ナミさん!?あ!そうだ!!』『パンツ見せてもらってもよろ・・ギャー』となりイカロスの槍に刺され るももともと干からびてるためダメージ0.
手ごたえのある奴を探していたフランキー将軍はイカロスをぶん殴る。フランキー将軍vsイカロ ス・ムッヒ。
地中を掘り進むチョッパー、ウソップと何か企んでるが後ろからドスン。チョッパーが敵の臭いに気付き角 砲11(エルフ)でドスンを返り討ち。
地面に空いた穴をチョッパーが繋いできたのでウソップの緑星 ドクロ爆発草でダルマ及び雑魚達をふっと ばす。
シラホシはこのままだと魚人島にノアが落ちてしまう為横にそれるが、デッケンが滑って頭打って気絶した為ノ アが魚人島へ向かって下がっていく。

NO One Piece 641 NEXT ISSUE.

One Piece Chapter 640: Straight above Fishman Island

coverstory: Vivi 18 years old, with Carue and Matsuge

Nami uses her lightning rod to clear tons of fodders
Ikaros, startled and enraged by the heat from the lightning, charges towards Nami
Zeo tries to stop her from escaping by turning invisible, and grabbing her legs and have them pierced by the squid-spears, but Brook cuts in between.
“Huh, Nami-san? Oh! May I see your pant…. GYAAAA!!!”
Brook is pierced by the squid spear. But he’s already dry, so he takes no damage from the dehydrating effect of the spear. YOHOHO!
General Franky is looking for a worthy foe to fight, so he smacks Ikaros.
General Franky vs Ikaros Much
Brook accidently steps on Zeo, who was near Nami. (lol)
Brook vs Zeo

Chopper digs through the ground. He and Usopp are scheming something, but Dosun chases after them.
Chopper notices the pursuit by smell, and blows away Dosun with Horn Canon 11
Chopper covers the hole in the ground, and Usopp uses Green Star Skull Explosion Grass to blow away Daruma and the fodders.
Usopp vs Daruma, Chopper vs Dosun

Zoro blocks all of Hyouzou’s sword attacks.
Shirahoshi swims to the side so the Noah doesn’t fall on Fishman Island, but Decken slips and hits his head and goes unconcious, causing the Ark to fall towards Fishman Island.

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