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Onepiece 642 Spoilers

October 9, 2011

Onepiece 642 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 642 Trivia: It is also possible that his name comes from “Jaws”, as the Japanese pronunciation for both are almost identical: “Jones” Jōnzu (ジョーンズ) and “jaws” Jōzu (ジョーズ). This supported further as Jaws, like Hody, was a great white.

One Piece 642 Spoilers Picturess
Credits: ZoneManga

One Piece 642 Spoilers Summaries

Credits: T
Translation: Aohige_AP

異変が起こっているのを感じたのかクジラ達と魚達が森をはなれていくとデンさんがハチとケイミ ーに話す。
ハチはまともに戦えばジンベエと麦わら達の圧勝だろうがホーディーはおそらく折れない・・・・タイのお 頭はきっとこれを恐れてたんだ・・・・!!
サンゴが丘、水車の街、サンゴマンション等島民達に避難の指示が出ている模様、各自ノアを投げたのはデッ ケンだとかしらほし姫がおとりになったとか情報が入る。
ネプチューン王の前に大臣や兵士たちが到着。避難命令を出したことを聞く。一緒に国王も逃げようと言うがネ プチューンは王子を待つと。
広場にも右大臣達兵士が到着、広場の現在の状況と島民からの情報により状況は把握。濡れ衣を着せた一味に国 を守られてはすでに面目など丸潰れ!!
観客の島民たちにも島の外へ避難するよう命令するが島民たちは拒否(女子供が特に)麦わら達に助けを乞うた のは我々だ!!俺も奴らと運命を共にすると言う島民達。
広場内ではハモンドが人間の奴隷海賊を使い天竜人のように担がせている。担げなくなったものはそのまま引き ずられ予備の人間を入れる。
クラーケンは必殺技メガ入道で大きくなったがサンジに挑発されさらに巨大化。 巨大化の影響で大勢の敵が巻 き添えに。
ジンベエはロビンに奴隷の人間を解放できないかと問う。ホーディー達の天竜人のまねごとなど見ていられ ないと。

イカロスの翼って技を使うが、ただの唾。フランキーファイヤーボールを腹から放ち攻撃、チョッパーが喜ぶ が吹いたのはフランキー自身(笑)
ドッスンと戦いながらも余裕のあるチョッパー、ハンマーでの攻撃に対しヘビーゴングで応戦、人型になると 唯一人間らしかったチョッパーがホーディー位のサイズにまでなってる。
ゾロに『ずいぶんバケモノじみたな』と言われるがチョッパーは『昔人間に成りたかったのは仲間が欲しか ったからだ!俺はルフィの役に立つ怪物になりてぇ!』
ヒョウゾウが笑ってるやつをきりてぇよと言いゾロに斬りかかるが一撃で9本の刀を真っ二つに割 った。
ゾロ『俺の決壊から逃げ出すチャンスをやったのによ・・・・魚人島で一番強ぇ剣士を連れてこい!!!お前じ ゃ退屈しのぎにもなりゃしねぇ!!!』
ONEPIECE 第642話 面目など丸潰れ

Onepiece Chapter 642: Reptuation ruined

cover art is the Straw Hats trying to get on a fish-bus headed for the mermaid beach
The chapter opens a few minutes back at the forest of sea
Den tells Hachi and Camie that the fish and whales in the area are leaving, sensing something wrong
Hachi says if they fought face to face, the Straw Hats and Jinbe would easily win against Hody, but Hody will never break his will… That’s what brother Tai was afraid of!!
At Coral Hill, Watermill Town, and Coral Mansion the residents are ordered to evacuate.
To each area news reach that Decken threw Noah, and Princess Shirahoshi is fleeing as bait.

The ministers and soldiers arrive in front of king Neptune. The news of evacuation reaches them.
They tell the king to flee with them, but he tells them he’ll wait for the Princes to return
The Right-minister and soliders arrive at the plaza, and grasps the situation from the shape the plaza is in, and the information given from the residents
He says the reptuation of the kingdoms is ruined, if it is saved by the very pirates they framed.

He orders the soldiers to at least support them in their cause with respect.
He orders the onlooking residents to evacuate away from the island, but they refuse. (especially women and children)
They say they are the one who asked the Straw Hats for help, they will follow the same fate as them.

In the Plaza Hammond is making the slave human pirates carry him on their back, just like how Celestial Dragons treated their slaves.
The pirates who couldn’t carry him on the back anymore were dragged away, and replaced by other humans
Robin comments on his cruelty

The Kraken got even bigger with Hissatsu Mega-Nyuudou, and even increased his size even more after Sanji taunted him.
His size increase causes many enemies to be crushed near him
(T may be mistaken the Kraken with Wadatsumi. Wadatsumi is a Nyuudou, not the Kraken)
Jinbe asks Robin is she can save the human pirates. He can’t stand seeing Hody’s men acting like the Celestial Dragons

Ikaros vs Franky
Ikaros uses a move called Wings of Ikaros, but it’s just a spit.
Franky shoots a fireball out of his stomack, Chopper is elated to see it. Btw, Franky himself shot the fireball (from the stomack of the robot)
Chopper seems perfectly fine fighting against Dossun. He counters the hammer attacks with Heavy Gong.
When Chopper turns human form (the one closest to human form he had) it’s now the size of Hody.
Zoro comments how monstrous Chopper’s become, but to that Chopper replies: I wanted to be a human before so I could have friends!! But now, I want to be a monster so I can help Luffy!!
Zoro laughs, and simply says “I see”

Hyozo attacks, wanting to slice those who are laughing… but Zoro breaks nine of his swords in one slash.
Zoro: And I even gave you chance to get out of my range(*)… why don’t you bring me the strongest swordsman in Fishman Island!! You’re too boring for my time!
* (T spelled kekkai wrong, but it may be Zoro’s new move. “Kekkai”, used like kekkai (結界 zone) but spelled Kekkai (決壊 collapse). Probably just a mis-spelling though lol)

End of One Piece 642 Chapter

Onepiece 642 Spoilers at will out on Tue or Wed. If you like discuss the onepiece ワンピース ネタバレ 642 please leave a comment bellow. Please be patient.

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