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Onepiece 647 Spoilers

November 20, 2011

Onepiece 647 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 647 Trivia: It is also possible that his name comes from “Jaws”, as the Japanese pronunciation for both are almost identical: “Jones” Jōnzu (ジョーンズ) and “jaws” Jōzu (ジョーズ). This supported further as Jaws, like Hody, was a great white.

One Piece Spoilers Summaries

Credits: T
Translation: rubia_ryu

ONEPIECE 第647話 止まれノア 
扉絵 スカイピア ラキとコニスのパンプキンカフェ名物 かぼちゃ麺
幹部達を倒した一味 喜ぶ島民達だが束の間。上には目前に迫るノア。島民達はルフィを応援。
ネプ王は人命の為なら仕方ない すまん約束は果たせぬようだジョイボーイと言う。
しらほしが海類王を呼んで止めた。海王類がしらほしと会話してる。海王類達はルフィを凄い人間だと言ってる 。
しらほしがルフィが島を守れるように彼の力に成りたいとシラホシが強く願ったからだと海王類は来た。ノアは 半壊?まではいかないけど多少壊れてる。


One piece Chapter 647: Noah Has Stopped
cover: Skypeia, Lucky and Conis’ Pumpkin Cafe, specialty: pumpkin (kabocha) noodles

NFP leaders are defeated, people celebrate for a bit.
But Noah’s still falling from above.
Folks cheer on Luffy.
Luffy’s still hammering on Noah with Elephant Gatling.

Oh, King Neptune apologizes to Joyboy about breaking the promise of Noah. Who the hell is he, dammit

Oh! Luffy stops attacking when he hears a mysterious voice.

Shirahoshi also came by to help.
Shirahoshi: “The Noah… has stopped.”
Luffy collapses (probably because of fatigue).
Shirahoshi called the Sea Kings. They’re having a conversation with her. They say that Luffy is an amazing person.
Thanks to Luffy’s efforts to protect the island, Shirahoshi was able to summon the strength to call the Sea Kings.

Noah is partially destroyed, but still mainly intact.
Everyone’s celebrating.

Soldiers: “Whoooaa!! All those brutal leaders were taken out…! What amazing strength!!”
Pirates: “Watch out above!! It’s dangerous!!”
“Wadatsumi’s falling!!”
Jinbe: “As expected of Luffy-kun’s crewmates…”
Zoro: “Drop him farther away, clusmy cook.”
Sanji: “Shaddup, or it’s your head that’ll fall!”
Chopper: “Amazing, Sanji…”
Usopp: “Franky’s beam is the best!!”
Franky: “Yo, Chopper! Shrink down a bit, my giant robot form doesn’t compare!”
Brook: “Nami-san, may you please lift your miniskirt?”
Nami: “Shut it.”
Robin: “Just what use is that robot for?”

People: “!! Noah’s come this close!!”
Pirates: “Run! The plaza’s in trouble!”
“Those messed-up leaders can’t help us anymore! Run!!”
“The island’s gonna be completely crushed!!”

People: “Can he make it!? Or not!? Straw Hat!!”
“Straw Hat-!!!”
Zoro: “…”
Soldiers: “Luffy-san!!”
Luffy: “OOOOOOOHHH!!!”

People: “Can he really save this island from being wrecked by Noah…?”
“Will he make it…”
Nami: “…”

(other) People: “Fishman Island’s gonna collapse!!”

People: “Don’t lose, Straw Hat…”
“Give this fight your all!”
“We won’t run!!”
Kids: “Keep going, Straw Hat Bro!!”

Left Minister: “For the sake of Fishman Island!! Straw Hat…!!”
People: “Don’t lose, Straw Hat!”
“We believe in you!!”
“Straw Hat!!”
“Straw Hat!!”
“Straw Hat!!!”
“Straw Hat!!!”
“Straw Hat!!!!”

Luffy: “Stop, ship–!!!”
People: “Straw Hat!!”
“Straw Hat!!”
“Straw Hat!!”

Fukaboshi: “Destroying the Noah… Father… Is this is the only way…?”
Neptune: “(The Promised Ark… This is the first time it can’t be helped…)
(Will you forgive us for breaking that promise… Joyboy…)?”

Voice: “(Stop-!!)”
Luffy: “Wah!!”
[He hears a voice.]
“Hah, hah… Who is it!?”
Shira: “Luffy-sama! That’s enough!!”
“Luffy-sama!! Please stop already!!”
Luffy: “Move it! Weakhoshi! The island’s gonna be crushed!!”
Shira: “Kyaa! No! It’s alright!!”
Luffy: “It’s not alright! Everyone’s still on the island!”
Shira: “Noah already… has stopped…!”

[Several Sea Kings are holding up the Noah.]
Luffy: “? Sea Kings! Why!?”
Shira: “Ue-n… Luffy-sama became angry at me…”
Luffy: “Hey! Now’s not the time for that!”
Shira: “I don’t know how it happened…”
“But… Noah already has stopped…”
Luffy: “he… he…”
Shira: “Luffy-sama! Your wound is open and it’s bleeding!”
Luffy: “u… ha… ah… well… good that the ship stopped…”
“Everyone’s okay now…”
[He collapses.]
Shira: “Luffy-sama!”

Sea King: “(Geez… what a human…)”
“(What a strong human.)”
“(We came just a bit late.)”
“(Noah’s completely a wreck…)”
“(Good thing Princess Shirahoshi called us here…)”
Shira: “(…!? Eh…? But I didn’t do anything…)”
*Sea King: “(No, led by the straw hat boy’s strong will… you wished…)”

Soldiers: “What the heck…?”
“What is this! Sea Kings stopped the ark!!”
*Sea Kings: “(So that he can protect the island… you strongly wished you could be able to become his strength…)”
“(Our strength is your strength, you call us and we lend him a hand.)”
Soldiers: “I… it’s difficult to explain in a few words…!!”
“But there’s no mistake!! Noah has stopped!!!”
“Noah might not be completely destroyed!!!”
“Fishman Island is saved!!!”

One Piece 647 Spoiler End

Onepiece 647 Spoilers at will out on Tue or Wed. If you like discuss the onepiece ワンピース ネタバレ 647 please leave a comment bellow. Please be patient.

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