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Bleach 478 Spoilers

December 17, 2011

Bleach 478 Spoilers Quotes:Bleach 478 Trivia: According to Shonen Jump’s character popularity polls, Ichigo was consistently the most popular character in Bleach in the first three polls, but ranked 3rd in the fourth, most recent poll.

Bleach 478 Spoilers Summaries

Credits: Ohana
Verification: Confirmed
Translation: Sheetz


リルカ あんた月島のことは?
井上 月島さん?誰?



イチゴ 他の奴らもさがしたんだけど、お前(リルカ)しか見つからなかった




Everyone except Ginjou lives.
Riruka wakes up at Urahara’s shop.
Inoue cries out of happiness.
Riruka: “What do you think of Tsukishima?”
Inoue: “Tsukishima-san? Who’s that?”

Tsukishima meets Shishigawara in the forest.
Tsukishima weeps over Ginjou’s death.

Jackie meets with Yukio.
At Urahara’s shop
Ichigo: “I’ve looked for the other guys but you (Riruka) are the only one I’ve found.

As Tsukishima carries Shishigawara away
he says, “I’m no longer alone.”
Bleach 478 End.

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