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Onepiece 652 Spoilers

January 1, 2012

Onepiece 652 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 652 Trivia: Despite his utter disgust at the World Nobles, his actions (such as forcing people to be his slaves and believing his power allows him to do what ever he wants, and how he views himself born superior) ironically make him the same as them.

Onepiece 652 Spoilers Summaries

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扉絵 チムニとゴンベ

ジンベエの義理が有る相手はビックマム。ネプ王にルフィに付いて行くと報告するジンベ エ
兵士たちの話ではルフィに上げた宝の玉手箱に爆弾を仕掛けた(一度盗まれたときに犯人逮捕の為仕掛けたらし い。)からルフィに返してもらう様ネプ王にお願いするもルフィは結局ビックマムの部下にあげた。全部わたし ちゃったからナミに怒られた。

カリブが気が付き財宝の山と人魚姫の秘密を手土産にすりゃあの人に気に行ってもらえるのにとか言いながら走 る。ビックマムの部下二人が財宝持ってるのを発見し襲う。

ホーディー達を倒したのは誰だと聞くスモーカーだが、海賊達は一度は売れないと言うものの最終的には麦藁の 一味だとバラす。


いや続々とルーキー達が来るのはなぜだと聞いたら、海賊達がホーディー達の事を話した。ホーディに奴隷にさ れてたけど、ある海賊が解放してくれたが恩義があるから名前は売れねえと言ったがスグにルフィ達の事売って た。


One Piece 652 Spoilers Cover is Chimney and Gonbe

The target of Jinbe’s “duty” is Big Mam (as an opponent). He reports to Neptune that he’ll be going with Luffy.
The soldiers tell Luffy that there’s a bomb in the Tamatebako (they set it there after it was stolen once in order to catch any future robbers). So Neptune requests that he give it back. Luffy finally agrees, but Big Mam’s crew takes the treasure. Nami is angry because all the treasure is handed over.
Neptune was worried about the bomb in the Tamatebako, but now his concern is Luffy’s formal challenge towards Big Mam.

While running, Caribou says that he’ll give the mountain of treasure that he noticed as well as Shirahoshi’s secret to a certain person as a “present.” He discovers Big Mam’s subordinates taking the treasure and attacks them.
Numa Numa Machine Gun (he shoots with a machine gun that emerges from his stomach)
Pekoms is a fruit user and turns into a turtle. He hits Caribou with a haki attack.

The small fry pirates that are coming one after another past the G5 base are steadily being captured by Smoker and Captain Tashigi.
Smoker asks who freed them, and the pirates don’t give Luffy up at first, but finally someone reveals that it was the Strawhats.
Smoker laughs and says “I already knew, stupid.”

Smoker is a vice admiral.

Smoker asks who felled Hody.
^ No. He asks why rookies are appearing one after the other and is told that it’s because Hody was beaten. Hody had enslaved them but apparently some pirate beat him and freed them. So at first they didn’t give up his (Luffy’s) name in repayment for him freeing them, but soon enough his name surfaced.
Smoker probably realized during the conversation.

Pekoms bounty is 330,000,000.

Smoker doesn’t show his face
(can’t understand this final line)”

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