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Naruto 570 Spoilers

January 15, 2012

Naruto 570 Spoilers Quotes:Naruto 570 Trivia: Itachi is tied with Jiraiya for having the highest stat total in the databooks. Itachi is one of the few people who were aware of Naruto’s heritage, knowing both his father and mother.

Naruto 570 Spoilers Summaries

Credist: Ohana
Verification: Confirmed
Translation: koohiinin

九尾とナルト 拳と拳合わせて和解。仲良しこよし★

Kyuubi and Naruto join hands and reconcile. They become close and it’s all good.

Credits: Anonimous
Verification: Pending

Page 1
Naruto unleashes the 4 tails
Page 2
9 tails agrees to co-operate in the situation with the hachibi & 4 tails to defeat Tobi
Page 3
They trio fight Tobi’s controlled beasts (Hachibi, Kyubi, Son Goku)
Page 4
Kyubi releases his power to Naruto and unveils how the tailed beasts used to be in the past
Page 5
Kyubi shows Naruto how to Tail beast bomb & unleashes one towards the enemy
Page 6
Hachibi & 4 tails are amazed at the teamwork kyubi and 4 tails (FINALLY) have.
Page 7
We are shown briefly back at the 5 kage fight vs madara & Muu
Page 8
Itachi shows up on the Battlefield & Releases Madara from the Edo Tensei Control
Brief Explanation of whom tobi is from Real Edo Tensei Madara
Page 9
Madara explains that the original plan was to restore the ninja world to peace by restoring the 10 tails & summoning the rikudo sannin back to life. Explaining that since the spread of the power by the Sage all the ninja world wanted was the power to control the bijuu for their own greed. Then explains that Tobi wants the 10 tails power for himself because Madara is the Father of Tobi… !!!!
Seeing as how madara died by the 1st hokage the son of madara wants the power to control everyone & use madara’s plan of peace for Moon’s eye plan.
Page 10
Comments & Suggestions from the 5 kage on how to defeat Tobi
Page 11
The 5 kage are lightning teleported to nearest location of naruto. Naruto prepares for warfare with tobi
Page 12
Tobi summons gedo mazo and prepares for battle
Page 13
The 5 kage are on the way to help naruto but are intercepted by Kabuto himself.
Page 14
Kabuto perfroms final edo tensei summon
Page 15
The 5 kage vs (special guest)
Page 16
Tobi in process of attacking
Page 17
…till next chapter
Key notes in chapter
9 tails reveals more about how naruto can unlock the full Bijuu mode at will ….
(unlike previous times where naruto would have to get angry & the transformations would develop a # of tails depending on naruto’s anger)
Since Frog Sage Mode is activated naruto can now get a feel as to who Tobi really is,

End of Naruto 570 Spoilers

Naruto 570 Spoilers at will out on Tue or Wed. If you like discuss the naruto ナルトネタバレ 570 please leave a comment bellow. Please be patient.

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