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Onepiece 657 Spoilers

February 12, 2012

Onepiece 657 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 657 Trivia: Decken being the “cursed” captain of the Flying Dutchman and his pursuit of Shirahoshi somewhat follows a motif used in Richard Wagner’s opera: the captain can be freed from his curse if he can find a faithful woman.

One Piece 657 Spoiler

Credist: mangastream

One Piece 657 Spoiler Summaries

Sources: 2ch
Credits: T
Verification: Confirmed
Translation: Steven D. Teach

海賊無双情報は青雉マゼランパシフィスタ チャレンジモードの写真(ボスが多数出てくる)
扉絵 解体 ザンバイ
サンジ達一行は牢屋の中でバラバラになった生首を見つける しゃべる生首
息子を探しにきたそうな 一緒に脱出しようと提案するも海賊と知り拒絶


The flaming island is separated/on a lake with a frozen mountain on the other side. Usopp spots a flying dude/birdman. Sanji and co are led into a jail and find a dismembered head. The dismembered head talks. It’s a citizen of Wano country. Looks like he came to find his son. He refuses to be acquainted with pirates? (I’m assuming it’s Sanji and co who propose they break out together.) Anyway, they bust out of the jail with a Franky beam. Outside of the jail are a bunch of gigantic kids.

end of one piece 657

Onepiece 657 Spoilers at will out on Tue or Wed. If you like discuss the onepiece ワンピース ネタバレ 657 please leave a comment bellow. Please be patient.

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