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Onepiece 660 Spoilers

March 10, 2012

Onepiece 660 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 660 Trivia: Another irony is the fact that Hatchan’s sells takoyaki, a food made of octopus. Macro noted that Hatchan’s species, an octopus fishman is a rare species that can sell for a good price.

Onepiece 660 Spiilers Summaries

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Verification: Confirmed
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Translation: CCC

ONEPIECE 第660話 王下七武海 トラファルガー ロー

研究所内を逃げるチョッパー達 子供から連れてこられた理由を聞く(病気が壱年で直るとつれ てこられる)





止めるロー (ROOM タクト)で海軍の船を浮かしさかさまに


ONEPIECE 660: Shichibukai Trafalgar Law
Chopper’s group is running away. (Not sure about this next line but…) the kids ask why they’re able to tag along (it’s because their sickness can be cured in one year)
Along the way there’s a room with a person in a prisoner’s outfit being submerged in ice

The severed head has a brief argument with Sanji, saying to put him down and let him search for his child alone
Sanji and Franky, who escaped first, meet up with Chopper’s group

Law and Smoker are there, so the crew and kids run back into the castle
They’re chased by the Marines
Law uses his Room power to lift the Navy ship and turn it upside down

Credits: Mangastream

page 1. the children explain to nami and chopper that people came and told them they had to come to this island in order to get better.

page 2. nami tells chopper to check the childern out later. to make sure if they’re really sick or not.

page 3. chopper blasts open a door to a dark room, letting cold air in. the children are afraid to continue.

page 4-5 nami and chopper discover frozen corpses lined up in the darkened room.

page 6. sanji and franky succeed in blocking off the passageway from the suited men. the samurai still believes his son is somewhere else within the complex.

page 7. the samurai obviously can’t move on his own, but he’s too prideful to actually ask pirates for help.

page 8. smoker, tashigi, and law listen to the conversation between luffy and the samurai that they recorded.

page 9. smoker explains that he knows law and luffy are friends, and that law let luffy get away during the war.

page 10. law insist’s that he had nothing to do with the call, but that since he took over the island, he can’t let smoker inside.

page 11. law says that he’s here alone, and that if he catches the straw hats on the island, he’ll kill them. suddenly, nami, chopper and the children’s voices sound from inside the door.

page 12. nami, chopper, sanji, franky, and the children bust out from inside.

page 13. chopper accuses law of kidnapping the children.

page 14. realizing their situation, the straw hat’s run back inside. law insist’s that this is all a surprise to him.

page 15. tashigi’s group charges forward, while law uses his room ability on smoker’s ship.

page 16. law turns the ship upside down in the air.

page 17. law apologizes for lying about there being no one here, and says that he can’t let smoker leave the island now. smoker prepares to fight.

Onepiece 660 Spoilers at will out on Tue or Wed. If you like discuss the onepiece ワンピース ネタバレ 660 please leave a comment bellow. Please be patient.

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