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Bleach 486 Spoilers

March 24, 2012

Bleach 486 Spoilers Quotes:Bleach 486 Trivia: Love Gun (ラブ・ガン, Rabu Gan): A heart-shaped device with wing-like protrusions on both sides and a liquid containing vial that juts out of the back. It was originally created by Shūkurō Tsukishima and is able to fire miniaturized objects contained inside it which then increase in size.

Bleach 486 Spoilers Pictures

Credits: 52manyou
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Bleach 486 Spoilers Summaries

Credits: mangastream
Verification: Confirmed

page 1. ichigo asks nell what happened at hueco mundo.

page 2. pesche also falls out of the sky.

page 3-4. pesche explains that hheco mundo was taken over.

page 5-8. the cremation for sasaikibe begins, and byakuya explains about sasaikibe’s past and how loyal he was to his post as vice-captain.

page 9. ichigo calls everyone back together.

page 10. pesche explains that halibel came to govern hueco mundo, but she was defeated, and certain arrancar were taken to join the enemy army.

page 11. dondochakka was also captured by the army.

page 12. ishida says he can’t join ichigo this time to save hueco mundo.

page 13. then ukitake appears.

page 14. in the army hq, someone picks up ivan’s medaluon and notes that it was “used.”

page 15. this means that he tried to steal ichigo’s bankai and failed.

page 16-17. the leader orders them to pick up some idiots from hueco mundo alive to use in his special plan to steal ichigo’s bankai.

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