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Naruto 583 Spoilers

April 14, 2012

Naruto 583 Spoilers Quotes:Naruto 583 Trivia: In addition, he can perform Water Release, Earth Release, and Lightning Release techniques in Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, it’s likely that the scrolls that are attached to his clothing allow him to do so.

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カブトは傷ついた大蛇丸を治療。カブトに良い忍になると言う。マザーとダンゾウの会話。(省略 )
数年が経ちヘマをして敵に囲まれている。くないが飛んできて攻撃される。相手はマザーだった。気づ付いてる ので治療をする。
あなたは何故私を治療してくれるのと聞くマザー カブトですと言うも誰なの?と言うマザー。カブトは自分が 誰か分からなくなる。
大蛇丸が現れ良い忍になったじゃない 私は覚えているわよカブト


Mother was member of Root. She would heal people wounded in war.
Kabuto heals a wounded Orochimaru. Mother and Danzou have a conversation about Kabuto becoming a fine shinobi.

Kabuto decides to go along with Danzou and Orochimaru and become a shinobi.
Several years later, Kabuto makes a mistake and is surrounded by enemies. He fights back with kunai. His opponent is Mother. She gets injured, so Kabuto heals her.

Mother asks why he’s healing her. She also asks who Kabuto is(?). Kabuto says he no longer knows who he is. Orochimaru appears and says Kabuto’s become a fine shinobi, and that Orochimaru remembers.

Those last few lines are hard to make sense of without any context, sorry.


Mother has another name.
She had another name when she meets the grown-up Kabuto.

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