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Onepiece 666 Spoilers

May 2, 2012

Onepiece 666 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 666 Trivia: Hatchan’s dumbness could be an ironic reference to the high intelligence of the octopus: as seen when Hatchan is stunned in a flinching manner thinking the Usopp Rubberband attack was coming straight for him when Usopp was far away.

One Piece 666 Spoilers Summaries

Sources: 2ch
Credits: T
Trans: CCC
Verification: Confirmed


イエティ兄弟はゾロとブルック、ナミのしたいが転がってるから回収をMの部下に頼んだ 部下は『殺しちまっ たんで?』と聞くがイエティ兄弟は殺して問題あるなら俺達を呼ぶんじゃねえと言い引き続きルフィ達の元へ向 かう

モネがローとルフィの関わりを知っていてシーザーはローがルフィを呼びこんだのではと疑う。ローは否定する 。シーザーがローとの出会いを思い出し悪かったと謝る。 
ローが子供たちが帰ってくる事に疑問を持つ。ドラッグキャンディを与えている事を聞くと『趣味の悪ィ男だ。 誰かを思い出すと』言い席を離れる。

チョッパーと子供たちの場所が誰かに攻撃されている。外に出て様子をうかがうも誰もどこにも居ないと言う チョッパー。ナミが茶ひげの元に向かい知っていることを話せと言う。
茶ひげ『探しても無駄だ 奴らは決して姿を現さない 俺達でさえ顔もしらねぇんだ』
   『ただし、依頼された殺しは報酬と引き換えに必ず遂行する。一つだけ分かっていることは・・・・足跡 はでかく声は低いと言う事』
   『そう・・・・もうひとつ分かっている事は奴らは全身を毛でおおわれた巨大な獣人だ!! 』
   『吹雪の中から現れる雪山の殺し屋二人組!!ロック&スコッチ 人呼んでイエティCOOLBROTH ERS!!正体不明の雪国出身の年齢は25歳』

巨大な影 スコッチが現れ「茶ひげだな?お前も殺しのリストに入っている」



One Piece Chapter 666: Yeti COOL BROTHERS

The Yeti brothers leave the collection of the Zoro, Brook, and Nami’s bodies to M’s subordinates. One of the subordinates ask if they killed the SHs. The brothers reply by saying that if killing were a problem, why would they have been called? They head for Luffy’s location.

At the lab, Caesar is delighted that they (the SHs?) were killed so quickly. Monet knows of Law’s and Luffy’s connection with each other. Caesar is suspicious of Law. Law denies anything. Caesar remembers when he first met Law, and apologizes. Law asks again about whether the children will really come back on their own. When Law learns of the drugged candy, he says, “Your taste is atrocious. Reminds me of someone.” He moves his seat away (?).
Caesar: “Smart guys sure are tough to handle” (thanks Aohige! :D)

The place where Chopper and the kids are is attacked by someone. Choppers goes out to investigate but says that there’s no one there. Nami tells Brownbeard to tell them everything he knows.
Brownbeard: “You won’t find anyone no matter how hard you look. They never reveal themselves. Even we don’t know what their faces look like. They’ll definitely accomplish their missions in order receive payment. I only know one thing about them. Their footprints are huge, but their voices are incredibly small. Well, I know one more thing. They’re beast men giants whose entire bodies are covered with fur. They’re the Snow Mountain Assassin duo who appear out of the blizzard. Lock and Scotch. Referred to as Yeti COOL BROTHERS. They’re 25 years old, and they come from an unknown snow country.”

Nami: “You actually know a whole lot!”

A giant shadow. Scotch appears. “Brownbeard? You’re also on the kill list.”
Master said to kill you for being so incompetent. Brownbeard starts to cry upon hearing the audio recording (maybe because their voices are so low, they use a mic/tape player???)
Luffy’s group hears the attacks and heads back.
Brownbeard is hit (the gun is so big that it’s more like a bazooka)
He cries as he’s hit over and over, and then he falls.
Lock says that they should aim for the captain instead of accidentally hitting and killing the kids (the big ones who are tied up)
Luffy says “don’t lay a finger on my friends.”
Luffy is hit, but he counterattacks and the brothers vanish.
Nami (in Franky’s body) is kidnapped.
It seems that Caesar is interested in the vegapunk laser technology in franky’s body.
Law is at the rear entrance of the lab.
Subordinate: “Where are you headed, Law? There are marines nearby…”
Law: “I don’t know. I’ll go where I please.” He starts taking down Caesar’s subordinates one after the other.

ボンちゃん生きてた!!インペルダウン5.5番地 新女王ボン様

“Bon Chan lived! He’s living in level 5.5 as the new Queen!”

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