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Naruto 587 Spoilers

May 21, 2012

Naruto 587 Spoilers Quotes:Naruto 587 Trivia: According to Pakkun in an omake chapter published in the Third Databook, Kakashi greatly dislikes being photographed without his mask.

Naruto 587 Spoilers Summaries:

Translation: Yagami





Izanami was activated since the very begenning, when Kabuto tried to stab Itachi with a Katana.

Izanami cause loss of eyesight too like Izanagi.

Itachi explains why he used Izanami and how you use it.
He explains that Izanami is the direct opposite of Izanagi.

It seems Izanami can be escaped by accepting and aknowledging your own true self.

Izanami’s can be used to show their fate to others, and see if they can accept their fate.

This was a way for Itachi to show kindness to Kabuto.

Kabuto only talked about himself. He wanted to be aknowledged.

Somewhere on the battlefield, a guy named Urushi talks with his friends.
He was a orphan like Kabuto.
He always thought that Kabuto would come back to the orphanage someday.

Itachi : Well, anyway. Let’s stop the Edo Tensei.

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