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Onepiece 672 Spoilers

June 16, 2012

Onepiece 672 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 672 Trivia: Hody’s actions and ideals echo some of the extremist views of many real life racist groups who preach and believe in racial supremacy, racial nationalism, and anti-immigration. Many were known to have gone so far as to even kill their fellow man if they so much as befriended a person of the wrong race, as well as taking actions like terrorism and murder on the innocent.

One Piece 672 Spoilers Pictures

[b]One Piece 672 Spoilers Summarie

Credit: T
Trans : Aohige

ONEPIECE 第672話 拙者 名を錦えもんと申す!!
ローが呼び捨てにしたら『訂正しろ・・・・ヴェルゴさんだ・・・・』と言い持っていた竹笛を武装飾強化した みたいな状態でローをぶん殴った。ローは気絶
研究所前ではシーザーにより倒されるスモーカーとたしぎとロビンとフランキー。触れずに全員やられたらしい 。

ゾロ『そうだ・・・敵はゼリー お前食って消化しろ』
湖の中ではサンジが見聞色で探しても見つからなかったが鮫が喰ってた。サンジが取り返すも浮上しようとした が毒素に阻まれた。ナミの筋力で出来るか不安だったがブルーウォークでぎりぎり脱出。
スライムが迫ってきてピンチだったが錦えもんは敵を焼き切る剣。スライムを燃やして道を作ると言い、刀を一 振り。

狐火流は炎で焼き切り 又 炎を切り裂く事が奥義らしい。



One Piece Chapter 672: Kin-emon is my name!

The mysterious man is a new character named Wergo (Vergo), and knew Law.
He doesn’t trust Caeser, so he had Monet infliltrate as a spy.

Law called his name by itself without any honorific, and he tells Law “No… that’s MISTER Wergo to you.” (Wergo-san) and smacked him with what appears to be a bamboo flute, enforced with Armament haki.
Law is knocked unconcious.

In front of the lab, Smoker, Tashigi, Robin, and Franky are taken out by Caeser. He didn’t even lay a hand on them.

Brook is scared shitless of the slime, and chats with Zoro
Zoro: Yeah, the enemy is a jelly… why you just eat it, and digest them.
Brook: Oh hell no, stop being a bully. I’m like 70 years older than you, you know!?

Kin-emon starts hurting
In the lake, Sanji is looking for the torso using Observation haki, and finds the torso being eaten by sharks.
He recovers the torso and comes back up, but layer of poison blocks his way.
He didn’t know if Nami’s body can take it, but he manages to get out of it using Blue Walk.
The Samurai’s body is complete, and he bows down to Sanji in gratitude.

As the slime comes their way, Kin-emon says he will use his sword that cuts through flames.
He will burn the slime, and cut a way out for them. He swings his sword…

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